What is PCCOS?

The Pacific Community (SPC) is the region’s hub for science, technology and innovation for sustainable development, and home to the Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science, or the PCCOS.

PCCOS aims to help Pacific Island governments and communities easily access the ocean science and expertise they need to make informed decisions and to protect and sustainably manage ocean resources.

Why do we need a Centre for Ocean Science?

Whilst accurate ocean science, data, and information are critical tools, SPC recognises that actors on the ground in our member countries need advice and services tailored to their needs. PCCOS delivers integrated scientific services supporting: Ocean Management, Ocean Governance, and Ocean Observations.

Facilitating, coordinating and transforming ocean science into services for SPC members.

PCCOS History


During the commemoration of the Pacific Community’s (SPC) 70th anniversary in 2017, the Tenth Conference of the Pacific Community agreed to task SPC to establish a Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science (PCCOS).  

On 21 June 2019 in Noumea, New Caledonia, the 11th Pacific Community Conference under the theme Ocean Science – A sustainable future for our Blue Pacific was held and reminded the role of SPC to consider Ocean as a priority strengthening PCCOS. The Conference requested that SPC further develop the PCCOS as the regional hub for multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral, integrated, and innovative programming in ocean science, to support members in their custodianship of ocean resources.

  In their ministerial statement, Pacific Leaders encouraged the expansion of the PCCOS as a convenor of partnerships, knowledge exchange and action, and as a key initiative to strengthen the collaborative contribution of ocean science to sustainable development in the Pacific region. 

Between July 2019 and January 2021, PCCOS was in its early inception. The year 2021 was really the first full year of implementation for PCCOS with the hiring of the Head of PCCOS and Coordinator – Partnerships and Engagement. The July 2021-June 2022 period was marked by a fully staffed PCCOS with the addition of the PCCOS Project Advisor (August 2021) and Science Officer (January 2022). A significantly higher volume of activities has been executed and clear progress towards results is now visible. 

The Centre now provides information and data for ocean science, management and governance. PCCOS facilitates excellence in ocean knowledge and innovation by drawing on cutting edge scientific research within SPC and its regional science partners.

PCCOS promotes innovative technologies and other collaborative actions involving agencies of the Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific, which support and strengthen regional ocean governance and management, through evidence-based science and traditional practices.

PCCOS has potential to facilitate and promote cross-sectoral engagement and cooperation internally at SPC for a better-integrated service to its members. In doing so, it will promote institutional efficiency and add value to existing SPC ocean science services. Externally, PCCOS will create a platform to coordinate and integrate ocean science activities carried out by SPC with the work of its international and regional partners.

From Ocean Science to Service

PCCOS focuses on facilitating, coordinating and transforming ocean science so that our understanding of the ocean is accurate and accessible, and incorporates local knowledge and traditions.  

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                                                     Transforming Science to Service 


 Approach and targeted results 

“By improving Ocean knowledge and transforming ocean science to service” 

PCCOS focuses on facilitating, coordinating and transforming ocean science so that our understanding of the ocean is accurate and accessible, and incorporates local knowledge and traditions.  

The concept of PCCOS is intimately connected to ‘Blue Pacific’, which deepens Pacific regionalism by harnessing ocean as a driver of transformative change in the Pacific’s socio-cultural, political and economic development. Blue Pacific captures the collective potential of our shared stewardship of the Pacific Ocean, based on an explicit recognition of our shared ocean identity, ocean geography and ocean resources. 

It aims to strengthen collective action as one ‘Blue Pacific Continent’ by placing the Blue Pacific at the centre of regional policymaking and activities. PCCOS provides the framework for SPC to focus its scientific and technical assistance on providing solutions that will build, sustain, and drive blue economies in Pacific Island countries and territories, as well as supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 – Life below water. PCCOS aims to deliver coordinated scientific   services   that   supports ocean   management, ocean   governance   and   ocean   observing, which are directly linked to Blue Pacific. 

  Technical and scientific expertise and services supporting the ‘Blue Pacific Continent’

All PCCOS activities contribute towards its overall goal: the sustainable management of ocean resources for the blue pacific continent. The long-term outcome seek by PCCOS is 'More effective implementation of science-based ocean governance and management by SPC's members'.  


Ocean Science at SPC

There is a huge range of regional stakeholders and a vast array of complex interactions around ocean science, and it is vital to ensure that PCCOS is effectively advocating and delivering scientific ocean services and engaging with all stakeholders.

PCCOS will create a platform that enables the coordination and integration of ocean science activities carried out by SPC with the work of other stakeholders, including other CROP agencies.

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Ocean science activities carried out by SPC