The PCCOS Ocean Catalogue regroups publicly available ocean models developed by SPC or partners for broader use by Pacific Island Country and Territory stakeholders and the scientific community. Ocean models are three-dimensional computerised representation of the ocean and marine ecosystems. They are developed using all available data and information on ocean conditions and provide parameters such as tides, waves, currents, winds, temperature,pressure, depth, bathymetry, fish catches and biomass, and many more.   

Ocean models are a crucial science product to inform decisions and predict future conditions. They are used for diverse purposes from fish population and distribution assessment to coastal inundation prediction, to search and rescue operations, and long-term adaptation to climate change. Thus, ocean models play a critical role to inform decisions and make the best possible choices. They are carefully developed and validated by trained and experienced oceanographers.  

Other science products developed on-demand by the PCCOS or SPC team and partners are also included in the PCCOS Ocean Catalogue . Spatiotemporal marine science datasets based on geographically gridded in situ or remotely sensed data, such as catch and effort data of tuna species, are made available through the catalogue.