SPC through its Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science (PCCOS) is convening Pacific stakeholders to the 1st Pacific Islands Conference on Ocean Science and Ocean Management to be held in Nadi, Fiji, from 11 – 15 September 2023.

The Pacific Islands Conference on Ocean Science and Ocean Management (PICOSOM) is aiming to bring together Pacific Ocean Managers with Ocean Scientists, traditional knowledge holders and Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs) to discuss ocean science and ocean management priorities, trends and novelties. The PICOSOM is part of the Ocean Decade implementation in the Pacific. 

The work to be carried out will include:

  • Identify, discuss and prioritise ocean science and management priorities in the Pacific with all relevant country stakeholders and partners. 
  • Provide a platform for Pacific scientists to showcase their work and prioritise key scientific focuses and scientific questions. 
  • Take stock of the current situation of integrated ocean management in Pacific Island Countries and Territories and develop a shared understanding and way forward. 
  • Share on practical implications and example of integrating traditional knowledge to science project and ocean management. 
  • Discuss the implementation of the Ocean Decade in the Pacific and what it should look like 

Underwater instrument installation

      An Outcomes Document will be drafted based on this event’s discussions and decisions. All funding commitments announced during the Conference will be included.

      SPC is committed towards common principles and goals such as social inclusion and gender equality. We also acknowledge the various Pacific Leader’s commitments towards gender equality. In this regard, the promotion of more Pacific women accessing capacity building opportunities and participating in decision-making processes remain important priorities, nationally and regionally. Thus, we would like to support and encourage our partners in pursuing a fair, inclusive and gender balanced selection of participants.

      The Conference will cover the broad themes included in the programme and the following cross-cutting themes:    ​ 

      • The UN Decade of Ocean Science in the Pacific 
      • ECOP: Ocean Leadership and Capacity Building 
      • People-centred Approach to Ocean Science and Management 
      • Ocean Literacy and Communications 
      • Indigenous knowledge systems 
      • ​​Sustainable financing ​and Resource Mobilization ​for the Ocean Decade and beyond​ 


        Programme PICOSOM

          PCCOS is funding travels for SPC member country and territory representatives and for selected traditional knowledge holders and ECOPs. Other participants must self-fund their travels and stay in Nadi for the event. 

          All sessions will be conducted in English

          If you have any questions, please send queries to Ms Virginia Rokoua ([email protected] ) and Mr Pierre-Yves Charpentier ([email protected]).