Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs) are tomorrow’s leaders for healthy and sustainable oceans. PCCOS created the Pacific ECOP Network in 2021, mobilising and connecting Pacific ECOPs working in various sectors across the region.  

The Pacific ECOP Network aims at developing an environment and a providing a platform to:

  • develop, share knowledge and skills among ECOP peers and with senior researchers and project partners through professional experience, including interdisciplinary experience 
  • improve access to internships and consultancy opportunities, most of time during the studies or straight after earning a diploma, help ECOP gain professional experience in ocean sciences; 
  • contribute to the design of ocean solutions and actions and the implementation of the Decade of Ocean Science in the Blue Pacific.   
  • Recognise ECOPs for their contributions to the Ocean Decade as they play an increasingly prominent role in the iterative design and implementation of the Decade; and  
  • empower and build capacity of Pacific ECOP for ocean leadership. 


The Pacific ECOP Network includes a mailing list where information on ocean science and activities are disseminated. PCCOS also shares unique opportunities for Pacific ECOPs to represent the region and showcase their work during regional or international events, scientific conferences, ocean expeditions and many more.  

Join the Pacific ECOP Network by completing this survey.  

Pacific ECOP Placement Programme 

In ways to support Pacific Island government stakeholders and engage with young people in the Ocean science sector, PCCOS has create a Pacific ECOP Placement Programme, which regroups multidisciplinary ocean professionals and young people in the ocean space. ECOPs help national ocean offices and other public structures dealing with ocean issues to progress work on ocean-related country priorities and participate in the Pacific ECOP Network activities.  

The Pacific ECOP fellows are country nationals hired for 3 to 12 months funded by PCCOS and co-managed with a country focal point. These positions are offered to all 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) members of SPC. 

If you are interested in hosting a Pacific ECOP fellow in your structure (for public entities only) or if you would like to become a Pacific ECOP fellow yourself, please contact us



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